Affordable Fees for Small Business Websites

We offer small business websites at an affordable cost. Fees vary from project to project, of course, and are affected by the client's involvement. The more you provide, the more cost can be kept down. For instance, if you can write content for your website that requires only minor editing, that means less work for us. Or we can write original content for an additional fee. The same goes for photos: We work only with digital images so if you can scan your photos yourself, that will save you money. Otherwise, you will have to pay for scanning at a printing or office supply company. If you don't have photos, we can recommend several online stock photo resources and you can select and purchase the images you like. Or we can research photos and purchase them for you but, again, for an additional fee. Your prompt response and assistance in helping us complete your website project can also keep the cost down. If we start a project and cannot complete it within our agreed-to deadline because we're missing information/images from you, you may incur a small monthly fee.

Website Design Costs

Here's a rough estimate of our fees: A basic five-page website where you supply draft text for page content, up to 8 digital photos and up to 5 keyword phrases will start at $1,000. This includes website design, text editing, resizing/uploading up to 8 photos, creating an email contact form and providing basic on-site search engine optimization (SEO). There's an additional fee for designing a mobile version for better viewing on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. NOT included are writing content or researching your competition. See the story of Precision Utility Locating makeover which also included advanced search engine optimization.*

A larger site with multiple pages, original content and additional photos may start at $2,000 or more. Examples are Scottsdale Treatment makeover and Woodlife Pine custom site.

A website store that allows customers to order products online is a more complicated project. Even a small store will start at $2,500. Visit Stock Up Boots.

Updating a site to refresh the look and add limited search engine optimization usually costs more than starting from scratch but our fees are often less than what the original webmaster charged. Because we're working with another webmaster's code, an update may take more time than a new design. A 5-page update or refresh with basic SEO could start at $750. Check out Ann & Arlenes Ark update.

*Advanced search engine optimization (on-site) and search engine marketing (off-site) are not included with a standard website. These two elements, SE0 and SEM, are how websites gain page 1 positions in Google, Bing and Yahoo. This is how you get found and makes the difference in how much traffic you get to your website to potentially convert to income. If you think of your website as a TV commercial for your business, you have to decide if your commercial should run at 4 a.m. on the local public access channel or in prime time on NBC, CBS or ABC. Having your website show up on Page 1 of Google is like running in prime time on a major network: It has great value so requires an investment. Read: Why Your Existing Website Isn't Helping Your Business.

Go Get Sites helps small businesses succeed online with affordable websites.

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