About the GoGetSites Small Business Website Team

GoGetSites.com team has been developing websites for over 8 years, and we have an extensive background in marketing, advertising and public affairs. All designers and programmers involved with website development are located in the United States. We specialize in search engine optimization and helping small businesses, "mom-and-pop" shops, and entrepreneurs increase their website traffic by improving their position on Google.

Website design by GoGetSites.com is not only affordable but our sites include basic search engine optimization (SEO) to help with Google search results placement. SEO is a function not usually added by website designers but it's crucial for a successful Internet presence. We worked with one company whose three-year-old website had never been indexed by Google so they didn't up in any search results. Their designer apparently didn't understand SEO. While we don't guarantee the number one position in Google, we have helped websites attain first place or at least first-page placement for keyword searches that an average customer would use to find their services.

We want our clients to understand the basics of the Internet, how search engines work and what they can expect based on their competition. The more they know, the better we can work together to create a website that's more than a location online, but a valuable part of a successful marketing strategy

You'll see a variety of website designs in our portfolio. We listen to our clients when they tell us what they want. We may think a page title would be better in navy blue and flush left but if you want it in orange and centered, that's what you you get. We don't care for black backgrounds with white text but if you love it, that's what you get. We will offer our advice based on years of experience but it's your website and should reflect your taste.

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Go Get Sites helps small businesses succeed online with affordable websites.

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